A recent manifesto to strengthen families, supported by over 50 MPs including Andrew Selous, encourages the Government to promote healthy relationships to tackle mental ill health, to promote active fatherhood in a child’s life and to remove the financial disincentives for those on low incomes to form lasting couple relationships, amongst other suggestions.

Andrew Selous has worked to improve family life locally having set up ‘Two in Tune’ as a community family trust. The exchange in the House of Commons was as follows:

Andrew Selous

Respectful and committed family relationships reduce poverty, improve wellbeing, and help the Government to live within its means. They are a key part of a country that works for everyone. Will the Prime Minister therefore implement the proposals of the recently published family manifesto?

The Prime Minister

My hon. Friend is absolutely right. We are, of course, looking into what more we can do to ensure that we see those stable families, which lead to the benefits that he has described. He has campaigned on this issue since he came to the House, and I welcome the valuable contributions that he has made.