Ambulance response times improve for the LU7 area

South West Bedfordshire MP, Andrew Selous met East of England Ambulance Trust Chief Operating Officer Marcus Bailey on the 7th of February. Following the change to 2 ambulances being based in Leighton Buzzard since December 2019 compared with one ambulance and one response car beforehand, the response times for category 1, 2 and 3 calls have improved as follows.


Category          October 19             January 20           Example

1                      8 mins 53 secs         7 mins 27 secs          Cardiac

2                     30 mins 22 secs       23 mins 2 secs        Chest pain

3                  1hr 5 mins 55 secs     55 mins 16 secs           Falls

                    1 ambulance, 1 car        2 ambulances

In addition, Leighton Buzzard has been given a higher priority as an area to which ambulances should return to be based when they are not engaged on a call out.

The East of England Ambulance Trust is currently recruiting 333 more staff. It is possible to join as an emergency medicine technician on the apprenticeship pathway as well as taking a PSC in Paramedic Science at local universities. The bursary grant is available for students.

Following the meeting Andrew Selous said. “I am very pleased to see that response times have improved for the LU7 area. I want to make sure that the needs of the ambulance service are properly taken into account in the planning process with more homes coming to our area. I also want to make sure that all new housing developments allow plenty of access for both fire engines and ambulances to get to where they need to without delay. “