Andrew Selous MP supports NCT's #HiddenHalf campaign

South West Bedfordshire MP, Andrew Selous, attended a Parliamentary debate on the 19th July to further NCT’s #HiddenHalf campaign to get postnatal mental illness out of hiding.

The debate focused on tackling low rates of diagnosis of maternal mental health problems. Recent research by NCT, the UK’s largest charity for parents, found that nearly half of new mums’ mental health problems aren’t picked up by health professionals.

South West Bedfordshire MP, Andrew Selous, said:

“It’s shocking that so many new mothers aren’t getting the help they need and I realise this can have a devastating impact on women and their families. I’m supporting NCT’s excellent #HiddenHalf campaign to improve services in South West Bedfordshire and across the UK.”

Sarah McMullen, Head of Knowledge, NCT, said:

“Too many mothers are missing out on mental health treatment and support during the critical postnatal weeks and months. Disappointingly, health professionals are not asking some mothers about their emotional wellbeing. This has to change.”

NCT’s #HiddenHalf campaign aims to bring maternal mental illness out of hiding and is calling for improvements to the six-week postnatal check up to aid the diagnosis and treatment of new mums’ mental health issues.

The charity is calling for more funding and guidance for doctors so they are better equipped to discuss emotional health with mothers.

NCT is urging people to sign up to the Hidden Half campaign at