£4.6m Extra Funding For Bedfordshire Police Welcomed

South West Bedfordshire MP Andrew Selous warmly welcomed the additional £4.6 million of funding given to Bedfordshire Police on Friday.  Speaking about the additional money Andrew said, “This additional money for Bedfordshire Police is extremely welcome and I am grateful to the Government for paying the full amount of Bedfordshire Police’s application for additional funding.  I am very well aware how serious police issues are locally and what a priority they are for local residents.  I will continue to campaign for Bedfordshire Police to be funded fairly to enable the police to concentrate on the priorities of local people in terms of dealing with burglary, robbery, assault, theft of vehicles and theft from vehicles, especially vans which I know that local people want treated as priorities by Bedfordshire Police.  We also need to support and encourage parents to discipline their children and teach them right from wrong”.