South West Bedfordshire MP Andrew Selous warmly welcomed the extra £8m a year that Bedfordshire Police will have available to spend next year, when speaking in the House of Commons today. Yesterday Andrew raised the issue in Parliament with the Prime Minister as well.

Speaking after the announcement today Andrew said: “This is a wonderful early Christmas present for the people of Bedfordshire and a huge boost for o...ur determined Bedfordshire Police officers. I look forward to the additional 360 officers that Bedfordshire Police will be able to recruit over the next three years with this funding increase. I also want to reduce the demand placed on the Police by mental health and social services issues as it is not fair to the public to expect the Police to have to deal with these issues to the extent they do. I also want to see significant additional focus on the crimes of assault, drug dealing, burglary, robbery, theft of and from vans and cars. All of us also need to play our part by being the eyes and ears for the Police, by teaching our children right from wrong and doing everything we can to uphold the law.”




Andrew Selous MP being briefed by the Home Secretary on the extra £8m for Bedfordshire Police.