Successful Libel Action Against Sunday Times

South West Bedfordshire MP, Andrew Selous has won £5,000 worth of damages and the cost of legal fees against the Sunday Times for wrongly accusing him of buying quills for artwork on his Parliamentary Expenses. The actual amount was from the printers ‘Quills’ in Leighton Buzzard for artwork for a parliamentary letterhead. The Sunday Times printed the following apology and retraction on Sunday.

March 31 2019, 12:01am, The Sunday Times

In the print and online editions of The Sunday Times on March 24, 2019, we published a leading article headlined “No duck houses but MPs are still in the doghouse”, which wrongly stated that Andrew Selous, the Conservative MP for South West Bedfordshire, claimed £30 for quills for letterhead artwork. The correct position is that Mr Selous claimed £30 for parliamentary stationery. We apologise for the inaccuracy and for the distress caused.


Andrew Selous said:

“I will be giving this £5,000 away to good causes in my constituency over the next few weeks. I had explained to the Sunday Times what this amount related to, but they still went ahead and printed this false allegation. I am grateful that the record has now been set straight and that good causes will be able to benefit from the damages I will receive.”