Improving mobile phone coverage in South West Bedfordshire

South West Bedfordshire MP Andrew Selous is asking constituents to contact him directly on to let him know if they have no or poor mobile phone signal coverage where they live or work in the South West Bedfordshire parliamentary constituency.

Andrew says “I’m aware of certain parts of my constituency which have no mobile phone coverage and I am talking to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Ofcom and the mobile phone companies to try to get these ‘not-spots’ covered by a mobile phone signal as soon as possible.

Across South West Bedfordshire I am aware that in certain villages smart-meters cannot be installed because there’s no mobile phone coverage and that British Telecom has been lobbied to leave phone boxes in villages where there is no signal so that the emergency services can be contacted. I know that in some situations it can be difficult to get the code for a defibrillator if there is no mobile phone signal. I look forward to hearing from my constituents to make sure that I am able to work on this issue across every part of the South West Bedfordshire constituency. I hope as many people as possible will let me know where there are problems. I do not trust the mobile phone coverage maps which are often used, as in my experience they often say there is signal in an area when, in practice, it is not possible to use a mobile phone.”